The world is calling you to rise to your Highest Vibration - to build an incredibly profitable and feminine empire - and raise the frequency of the planet. 

And YOU are needed more than ever. 

Learn to blend deep feminine principles with smart, money-making strategies

Make no mistake, this can actually be the biggest opportunity EVER for you to grow your online service-based business.
It all comes down to the choices you make right now and who you are BE-ing.

But why should you listen to me...

I'm GENINE HOWARD, an award-winning business woman know for her fierce feminine leadership at the helm of several business empires including her global coaching practice and magazine publishing company.

I am blessed to be living life with freedom, flexibility, financial success and unshakeable belief. 

I am an award-winning entrepreneur for 14 years and have worked from my home office, all while raising and homeschooling a young family. 

Having an online business allows me to have complete flexibility, adaptability, freedom and certainty for my family's lifestyle. 

I am absolutely living my soul purpose serving female entrepreneurs to align both the masculine strategies it takes to grow an empire, and the essential feminine codes to bring it to life and impact many.
However it has not been all a smooth ride. In fact my businesses have stood the test of time through the GFC, through massive industry challenges, through our own family challenges and much more. 

And most importantly, I have stood through it all.
In times that would take others out, I am proud to say that I have always got back up with drive, focus and determination to keep moving forward, no matter what the circumstances. And I've learnt a lot of strategies that can help you get through what we are facing right now.
Through these times I have learned to develop;
  • Drive and determination
  • Innovation and adaptability
  • Solution-focused, tailored business strategies
  • ​Unshakeable TRUST in both myself and the Universe
In short, I am a master at weathering any storm through my way, and I have proven strategies that have seen my business empires through their fair share of challenges. 
This mastery has come from two aspects:
  • Learning to adapt my marketing and sales processes to meet the demands of the time and changing customer needs
  • And marrying that with feminine energetic principles that allow me to attract clients with minimal effort
By marrying the masculine strategies and feminine principles of trust and high energetic frequency, I have been able to master the art of attracting money and GROWING a business with simplicity and ease!
Step into your soul calling and get paid brilliantly!
There has never been a better time to build your own business, create your own personal freedom and access the wealth distribution that is happening right now on the planet. 

You get to now truly define WHO you are, WHAT you do and HOW you serve in the world - and get paid brilliantly for your gifts and talents! 

And more than that, the time is NOW for you to not only step into leadership - for yourself, your business and your community - but step into your soul wealth and soul calling. 

It's all possible!

Join our potent, empire-building 
self study program,

Our signature program for driven entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to do what it takes to catapult their business, their mindset and their energetic frequency to create their best future is now LIVE and available for Self Study! 


  • You are a service-based business owner in the field of coach, consultant or service-based provider 
  • You want to build a profitable, 6-figure online business
  • You want to know what your audience needs and wants from you right now, with the new world order
  • ​You want a supportive community of driven people that will lift you higher
  • ​You want to make sure you stay in high vibrational mindset and are responding and making decisions with clarity and groundedness
  • ​You want to know what is the best and fastest way to take your marketing and services online
  • ​You want to future-proof your business and create freedom and security for yourself and your family
  • ​You have a burning desire to create the business and life of your dreams!

Your transformation:

  • Build your $10K+ month Feminine Business of your dreams, serving from your genius zone!
  • ​Have a fully functioning online business that provides wealth, freedom and sustainability for you and your family;
  • ​Develop your core offers and how to communicate to them so they will be an EASY YES to working with you;
  • ​Have a proven system to bring in consistent leads of ideal clients for now AND the future.

Take a look at our client successes

Many of our clients have come to us and gone from zero to 6 figures in less than a year - and then many of them have continued to work with me to scale to multiple 6 figures! Know you are powerful and can create your own revenue, on demand, just like our clients do - no matter what the external reality.

"My profile and brand are now recognised as a serious player in the industry and I have ideal clients wanting to work with me in droves!"
Natalie Crombie | Creative Design Agency
"Genine has helped me find opportunities in my business I wasn’t able to see for myself. Now, dreams that were nothing more than pipe dreams, are an actual reality."
Sarah O'Bryan | Author & Speaker
"I really believe that I am in the position that I am in my business today, because of Genine."
Jessica Mcilveen |  The Happy Home
"Genine provided me with sense of accountability and held me to the goals that I set for myself. She's been instrumental to me being able to grow my business."
Elizabeth Fairon | Legal Solutions For Life


Develop the mindset and energy of a true leader 
who is able to attract clients on demand
Develop the mindset and energy of a true leader 
who is able to attract clients on demand
use our unique system to build your business model based on your goals and desires.
Learn how to get inside the hearts and minds of your ideal client so yu craft irresistible offers!
Create irresistible offers that not only serves clients
to their highest needs RIGHT NOW but serves you to future-proof your revenue & give you security of regular income
your brand message
Learn the art of copywriting & communicating
in ways that your audience will connect with you
and make selling your services a joy
Learn how to make sales in the new economy and how to sell your services from a place of integrity & service with our sales system
Use organic social media to cement yourself as an authority and sell organically (without complicated webinars, funnels and launches)
Build a system of daily client lead generation that
gives you consistency and predictability and one that feels feminine and flowing!

6 Figure Empress is designed to teach you THE strategies you need to build an online service-based business with a unique combination of smart strategies and powerful feminine frequency codes that will activate your inner feminine leader to awaken… and ROAR.

"The transformation in myself and my business has been absolutely amazing.
My business is going from strength to strength, all thanks to Genine.
Ann Noler Harris | The Body Whisperer
"When I met Genine I was working my tail off for not a lot of reward, two years on I have a 6 figure business and so much balance and joy!"
Roxanne Mccarty O'Kane |  Ghostwriter
"Genine has led me to believe in myself. She has given me great foundations to build a beautiful, authentic business that makes my heart sing."
Vanessa Nock | Owner of Uniqueness Designer Jewellery

An online Portal with 10 Modules of trainings covering both the Feminine and Masculine Strategies. 

​ Monthly Q & A sessions focused on both strategy and leadership to help you step into you inner Feminine Leader.

​Step by step trainings, templates and scripts to walk you through how build your business with focused, powerful strategies.

Leadership trainings to help you stay in high vibration and make the best decisions for your business from clarity and certainty.

Private Facebook Group for weekly support from me and our team of high level coaches who are at the forefront of the best trainings in the world for marketing, mindset and leadership.

Supportive online sisterhood who you can lean onto, share ideas with, and be lifted up with!



$2222 in full 
6 payments of $444

Access to 'The Temple' - valued at $1997
The Temple is your online daily go-to for meditations, wealth activations, daily rituals and all things to awaken the Divine Feminine within and bring in abundance, joy, ease and grace.
Complimentary Ticket to our next LIVE Sistermind Event - valued at $997
Join us for a full day of training and hot seat coaching with myself, my team and the entire Empress Collective sisterhood, in person on the Sunshine Coast!
Let's figure this out together!


We get there are many options in the marketplace right now… yet we know the ONE missing ingredient they all have and it’s not strategy. 

It’s who you get to BECOME when you have access to my signature feminine codes of abundance, style, ease and grace. These ‘codes’ or principles are what catapult our clients to the next level, have them open to receive wealth - fast - and align to their clients. 

When you marry them with our smart strategies, you become unlimited. 

So, are you ready to rise with us?

  • What if I can't make the LIVE Q and A session? Will I miss out on important info?

    Not at all. All of the sessions streamed into your Facebook Community to access at any time. Plus you can ask questions each week on the specific post to get quick answers.

  • ​How is this program different? 

    Our program is the perfect marriage between the current, powerful masculine strategies you need to fast-track your business and prosper, coupled with the ESSENTIAL feminine codes and principles that required for a woman to own her worth, speak her voice, align her frequency and trust in her inner being. There is nothing like this on the market AND it's everything you need to embody your powerhouse within.

  • ​Do I have to have started my business already?

    Not at all, if you have an expertise or skillset or a personal transformational story that can help people, we can show you the rest. If you are already in business, this program will show you how to get out of the hustle and overwhelm forever with proven scaling strategies!


$2222 pay in full 
6 payments of $444